Possibility of War in Asia Pacific


Meher Ali Shahab
In South China Sea dispute is rising every day. China has claims on pretty much all of the contested waters in the South China Sea. China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei all have sovereignty claims in the disputed South China Sea.
Beijing has demonstrated that its territorial claim is not empty rhetoric. China has built artificial islands on rocks and coral reefs. It also has built runways and increasing its military capabilities to secure the islands. The U.S. has actively been criticizing China of building artificial island. US has become failed to enforce universal rights to freedom of navigation and over flight in the face of China.US has challenged the territorial claim of China and U.S. Navy warships. The USS Lassen traveled inside the 12-mile nautical zone around Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands archipelago. The president, the secretaries of state and defense, and other administration officials have repeatedly asserted America’s core interest in navigational and over flight freedoms. US want to maintain freedom of navigation and over flight in that international water. US destroyer moved in but china has threatened US to do not interfere in territorial claimed islands. US also wants to increase its military and warships in this disputed area to ensure the freedom of navigation. China’s war ships also moving in the sea. China is spending billions of dollars to develop and increase warships.
Given the Obama administration’s had emphasis on multilateralism, it could soften the appearance of a U.S.-China confrontation by inviting other countries in the region -say, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines – to join in a Freedom of Navigation flotilla. One vessel from each would serve the purpose. Exercises will be under the both principles of customary international law and United Nations Law of the Sea Convention (UNCLOS), which is not rectified by US.
All the members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations would eventually participate in the exercises. Japan has also started and sent its warships.
China increasing its military muscles and carried out number of large military drills in the disputed Sea. It also increases the size of ships and arsenals of missiles. On another hand, America is also increasing its military power.
They are ready to face every type of challenge in the disputed area. America has world’s first strongest army and modern technology. As reported foreign policy of America, that Navy has prepared war strategy to wage war with China.
The American Navy has a total of 272 ships and submarines, as well as more than 150 vessels in the reserve fleet, while China’s navy has 300 naval ships.
However, many military analysts predict that China will become the second most powerful maritime force by 2020. America is deploying new aircraft carriers and missile, which can easily target the China’s ships and defence system. It can escalate and spirals into a nuclear confrontation between the US and China.US has to decide go back either down first or fight nuclear war with China.
China is building illegal 3,000-acre land in South China Sea. It is principle of international law that every state can pass freely and without any unobstructed through these manmade features. From this action of China, instability is increasing in Asia Pacific. China wants to counter two powers Japan and America. From several years, instability is increasing in Asia Pacific from these actions of China. America with other states should ensure the security and stability in Asia Pacific. China should not illegally built and disturb international trade. Through this region worlds 30 percent maritime traffic flows. If China becomes successfully builds and captures this region than trade may restricted.
The situation in South China Sea is complicated. America is trying to increase its influence in Asia Pacific. It has moved aircraft carrier and other latest weapons. Anti missile, ships and other war ships deployed near disputed area. American navy has also prepared strategy to wage war if any mistake is committed from China. At another side, China is spending billions of dollars on arms and ships building. The issue is becoming more complicated. These all players are at one side and China is at another side. China has deployed surface to air missile system. US has already declared that America is going to transfer 60 percent there military to Asia Pacific. America is trying to free and secure this are for sea navigation. America has perceived China existential threat for itself. China is also emerging power it develops its military and economic muscles.
Instability and insecurity is increasing day by day in South China Sea. In future arm conflict may happen. Both states are nuclear powers and both states have strongest army and modern weapons. There may be nuclear war between America and China. Both states should take steps very carefully, if any of them commit any mistake than whole world will suffer.
They have ICBMs (Inter Continental Blastic Missiles) and both have second-strike capability. State interest is cherished for every state to pursue it even they go on war. If any mistake is committed by any state than to protect its national interest, China can go on war. At any coast, china will try to protect its territorial integrity. In future whole world may be suffer because of arms conflict and it would lead to World War 3.
To avoid any armed conflict they should adopt peaceful means. This issue can be resolved through UNSC, ICJ, international and regional organizations. Arms conflicts are not solution of any dispute. After fighting war at last, they have to sit on negotiation table. Instead of waging war they should adopt peaceful means first.



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