Its absurd NRO beneficiaries demanding accountability of PM: Raja Farooq Haider

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Islamabad: (Parliament Times) The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that it was quite absurd that those who benefited from much controversial National Reconciliation Ordinance [NRO] were shamelessly leveling allegations and demanding accountability of the Prime Minister.

The AJK premier said this while talking to a delegation, which was led by City Mayor Bahawlpore Mr. Aqeel Hashmir here at Kashmir House on Thursday. He said that every one was aware about the fate of those who were responsible for country’s disintegration and the fate of those who were hell bent upon to weaken the country today would be no different from them. In a veiled reference to Imran Khan and his company, the AJK premier said that the media talk of Maryam Nawaz, after appearing before the JIT, has shut the mouth of opposition parties that keep harping on baseless allegations. Khan said that Maryam Nawaz has categorically stated that the enemies [Opposition] were upset over the CPEC because after successful completion of the project 4% of total world trade would be conducted through Gawardar sea-port, which he said would trigger economic and industrial revolution in the country.

He said that the efforts aimed at fomenting political instability in the country was intended to create impediments in Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s long cherished goal of making Pakistan a prosperous and economically vibrant State. He, however, stated that these conspiracies would fail to stop country’s journey of progress and prosperity. He said that Prime Minister Sharif would never succumb to any pressure no matter what.

Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that a manner-less group, through its media-mangers, was hell bent upon creating chaos in the country. He observed that Prime Minister’s family has the privilege to present themselves for the accountability and has been facing inquiries time and again. Lashing out at PPP and PTI leadership the AJK PM said that it was quite astonishing to note that “Mr. Ten Percent and the Gambler” were talking about the accountability of a person who faced “ruthless accountability and reprisals” at the hands of a “dictator” for a period of ten years.

Terming PTI as a bunch of rejected people he said that PML-N is not a barren party. “PML-N is a party of decent and well-mannered people who have great respect for mothers and sisters.

Terming Kashmir as the crown of Pakistan he said that Pakistan was incomplete without Kashmir. He said that Pakistan was the sole country that has been championing Kashmir cause at national as well as international level. He said that besides the government, people of Pakistan have great feelings about the freedom struggle of their Kashmiri brethren in occupied Kashmir. He said that people of IHK were fighting the war of Pakistan in occupied Kashmir. He said that the freedom struggle in Kashmir has entered into a decisive phase and political stability in Pakistan was imperative to make it a success.

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