AMS holds Iftar Dinner titled “Aik Iftar Kashmir Kay Naam

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Lahore: Al-Muhammadia Students (AMS) arranged an Iftar Dinner titled “Aik Iftar Kashmir Kay Naam” here on Wednesday, which was attended by leaders and representatives of various student organizations.

Besides Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) the event was attended by Anjuman Talba Islam (ATI), Muslim Students Federation (MSF), Imamia Students Organization (ISO), Peoples Students Federation (PSF), Insaf Students Federation (ISF), Mustafvi Students Movement (MSM), Jamiat Talba Islam (JTI S), Jamiat Talba Islam (JTI F), Islami Tehreek Talba (ITT), Ahlehadith Students Federation (ASF), Tehreek Jawaan e Pakistan (TJP), Muslim Students Federation (MSM N), All Pakistan Muslim Students Federation (APMSF), Saraaiki Students Federation and others. Representatives of youth groups like State Youth Parliament, Positive Pakistan and others also participated in Iftar dinner.

Speaking on the occasion, the AMS chief Muhammad Rashid assured fully support to Kashmiri students and said that All Pakistani student organizations stand with them. He said that Kashmiri students were writing the stories of sacrifices for beloved country Pakistan.”It is need of the hour to give them solidarity message from countrywide student organizations”, he said adding that “Kashmiris are fighting the battle for completion of Pakistan. Their Moral and diplomatic support is our responsibility”.

Expressing their solidarity with Kashmiri students, the heads of the student organizations who participated in the program said, “Pakistani students praise the sacrifices of their Kashmiri brethren. Students will express solidarity with Kashmiris in all educational institutes.”

Mutahidda Talba Mahaz (MTM) and other student organizations announced to observe Kashmir solidarity week (Hafta Yakjahtee Kashmir) from 8th to 13th of July.

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