Narrative against terrorism will be developed in institutions rather than in ministry: Rabbani

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ISLAMABAD: (Parliament Times) Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has said that narrative against terrorism will be developed in the educational institutions rather than ministry.

“ Counter terrorism narrative can not be developed while sitting in ministry but narrative against this menace will be developed in educational institutions”, he said this while speaking in a seminar here Thursday.
Rabbani said that the state has itself damaged the narrative against militancy in the country.
“ If you don’t question then how will the new thinking be created. Governments wants wings are clipped so that such people are produced who don’t raise any question”, he added.
He said the government itself banned student organizations in order to end trend of raising questions. Thinking is being freezed so that no one could raise any question on the suppression of rights, he added.
He was of the opinion that hopes occurred after seeing youngsters of the country, asking that how come new thinking come up when you don’t allow to ask questions. He said that the government wants to ban student organizations like those were banned in Zia era.
Chairman Senate said that warlord of crowd is coming from the front which says kill the people in crowds. Some warlord crowds want to establish their writ for sectarianism, some for the land while some want in the name of terrorism, he added.
He also pointed that some of warlords make fun of law on basis of their money while, adding that we are moving forward an impatient society like Africa was in the past. He questioned that why there is discrimination in the law if the Constitution is supreme.
The Chairman Senate lamented that dictator Pervez Musharraf dictates the court while sitting outside the country but it is matter of regret that we could not bring former dictator Pervez Musharraf before the court. What is the reason application of law is different for the elites. We and our elders failed to demonstrate performance.

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