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Growing unemployment in Pakistan

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Burhan Khan
The world is facing the imminence of unemployment that has become a burden globally. The third world countries like Pakistan have bore the major brunt probably because the rate of illiteracy has far outnumbered the rate of unemployment. This lack of work opportunities may be due to lack of resources, lack of a proper government system for employment, unawareness or may be due to the inability of lay man to reach proper job portals. It is because of this unemployment that the crime rate in Pakistan has reached a level beyond recovery. Due to lack of employment opportunities, the living standard of the citizens is also declining with each passing day. Despite the talent and passion possessed by the youth of Pakistan, the trouble of unemployment has forced them to leave the country and settle in the western world for a better salary package and improved living standard. This way, the country is not only getting deprived of its hardworking individuals but is also losing the most qualified professionals to the outside world. Government should take the action of this serious issue and provide the facility and opportunities to the youth of Pakistanis.

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