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PARC holds training workshop on “spring shed management” in Islamabad.

Islamabad: (Parliament Times) Terming water as a primary life-giving resource, the Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Dr. Yusuf Zafar (TI) has said that the availability of water was an essential component in socioeconomic development and poverty reduction.

The chairman PARC made these assertions while addressing a training workshop on “spring shed management” held at SSRI Committee Room, National Agricultural Research Council (NARC) here on Wednesday. “Water is the most important element of human life and it is so obligatory to realize it’s worth”, Dr. Yusuf Zafar (TI) said adding that Pakistan stands at the 17th position in the list of the countries, which are facing water crisis.
Referring to water crisis in the country, he said currently in Pakistan per capita water availability is 900 cubic meters which is less than international standard 1500 per capita per cubic meter. “Pakistan is expected to face shortage of 31 million acre feet MAF of water by 2025, which would pose a grave threat to Pakistan’s economy and stability”, he said. He was of the view that Pakistan was dependent on single river basin i.e. Indus River whereas other countries were having a multiplicity of river basins and diversity of water resources.
He further said that this training workshop strengthening individual capacities in the field of water management especially spring-shed management.
Speaking on the occasion Dr. Bashir Ahmad PI of HIAWARE project said, “This project is focusing on impact assessment and improving resilience in water, agriculture and energy sectors of vulnerability communities starting from above 50000 meters of Shimshall and Khunjerab, Pothowar and Punjab plains”. He further stated that project was first time highlighting some vulnerable and fragile production and livelihood systems.
Dr. Munir Ahmed Member NRD PARC said the world adopted 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) and its aim is to reduce hunger and food insecurity and to ensure access to affordable and clean energy for all. He further said that our vision is an efficient and competitive sustainable agriculture ensuring food security with ability to contribute to the economic development and poverty alleviation in Pakistan.
Dr. Nawraj Pradhan (ICIMOD) in his speech said, “450 million people in 29 countries suffer from water shortage”. He said agricultural water use accounts for about 75% of total global consumption, mainly through crop irrigation, while industrial use accounts for about 20% and remaining 5% is used for domestic purposes”.

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