Panama verdict: Battle of words continues between PML-N, PPP leaders

FAISALABAD: Minister of State for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali on Saturday said that Asif Ali Zardari is the root of all evil in Pakistan.

While addressing the members of the press in Faisalabad, Sher Ali referred to Zardari as a dacoit. He said, “All joint investigation teams formed in Sindh reached the conclusion that Zardari is the leader of corruption in the province.”

He added that the co-chairperson of Pakistan People’s Party and his sister were part of all confessions of criminal activity by infamous Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch.

“All businesses operating in Sindh belong to Zardari, and destroying all public institutions is part of the PPP’s manifesto,” the PML-N minister said. “Zardari should be tried in military court and his name should be added to the exit control list.”

Responding to the allegations levelled by Sher Ali, PPP Senator Saeed Ghani said that it has been identified that the Sharif clan is corrupt.

“The PM has not been cleared, he has only been given relief,” Ghani said on Saturday. “When thieves are identified, their children create a ruckus. But the joint investigation team is all show. It will meet the same fate as the Model Town report.”

The senator further added that Chaudhry Nisar is the main character in the Dawn leaks case.

The exchange of words between PML-N and PPP leaders continued, as PPP leader Moula Bux Chandio said lashed at the PML-N leaders stating that political people engage in logical and intelligent debates and don’t take the route of cursing.

“I won’t respond to them [PML-N leaders] in their style but someone, today, told me that they [PML-N leaders] are lashing out at us today. I responded by saying today is their day to do so, after all, they have been declared liars and corrupt people by the Supreme Court,” Bux said in a statement.

“There could not be a bigger insult to a political leader than the highest court of the country declaring they [PM’s family] submitted bogus evidence of their innocence,” he stated.

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