TTP, Lyari gangsters have formed alliance in Manghopir, LEA letter reveals

KARACHI: The banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Lyari gangsters have secretly formed an alliance in the Manghopir neighbourhood of the metropolis, a letter from a law enforcement agency has revealed.

According to the letter, the notorious TTP Khan Zaman Group has become active in Manghopir area while gangsters of the Lyari gang war have also been spotted in the same vicinity recently.

TTP’s Hayatullah, Qari Yousuf and Mateen Shafi have been seen in the area, along with gangsters Zahid Ladla, Taj Muhammad alias Taju, Ayaz Zehri, Sohail alias Sunny, the letter points out.

Members of the Lyari gang war use the Karachi Northern bypass for commuting. TTP terrorists have also been spotted in Sultanabad and Afridi Colony, the letter notes.

The letter warns that police personnel in the area may be the target of an attack in the future, and urges authorities to keep a watchful eye on the activities of members of TTP and Lyari gang war.

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