Transport union leaders complain about harsh attitude of Punjab Police

Chiniot: President Goods Stone Supplier Union, Central Vice President Jhamori Watan Party & president Malik Foundation Chiniot; Malik Ghulam Rasool , Ghulam Shabbir Chugtai Secretary, Rana Rauf Ahmad Joint Secretary, Rehmat Ullah Chairman and M.Amjad propaganda Secretary for transporter’s union in their joint interview with Daily Parliament Times have highlighted the problems being faced by transporters community.
They have said that within the Jurisdiction of Punjab Province their HTV license issued 20 to 25 years ago are accepted as valid and they are asked to get new learning/LTV license afresh. The traffic police of the province some time forced HTV license holders to get new computerized license that is unjust and unfair.
We have no objection on the issuance of computerized license by the issuing authorities but old driving experience licensee should also be considered as valid, they said.
HTV license holders might be issued computerized HTV license instead learning or LTV.Union further demanded, vehicle crossing timings, representing for heavy loaded vehicles should be 7.00 am to 9.00 pm in summer while in winter 7.00 am to 8.00 pm for smooth flow of heavy transport. There is dire need of one way traffic in the circumference of Chiniot way-out. Speed brakers should be built up in certain places in the city, for LTV vehicles this city seems as motorway and this causes problems and accidental circumstances for the public, Malik Ghulam Rasool further added..
Sugar mills have been causing major hurdle for smooth traffic flow because no one responsible ever in traffic police ready to take action under the rules,
Overload vehicles lifting sugarcane are not estimated by traffic and responsible authorities.
President further added that vehicles documents should be considered as guarantee instead other kinds and procedures imposed over driving. There is fine of Rs.750 against over speed under the traffic rules but traffic police violating takes the vehicles in their custody unlawfully instead charging against the Challan 750 rupees.
Union representatives pointed out the need of full time receiving counters even on holidays there should be arrangement for receiving fine, fine receiving counters should be opened on gazetted holidays also in chiniot for the remittance of fine. We should be allowed to have remittance of fine in all scheduled banks not only in simple one bank union further expressed.Despite observing sticker imposed in front of the vehicles, the demand of token book or registration copy is to tease the transporters, sometimes challan chit maybe lost or maybe not lost.
Mostly vehicles are challaned against the prescribed rules instead investigating by the relevant office.
Despite having CNIC as sufficient identification, an excise inspector cannot stop up the vehicle under the rules, President said. In the whole world, license is issued after reasonable judgment after try. If a driver passes trial during the trial examination he should be issued license and the rule of issuing after three years or months may be abolished, they demanded. We have often faced challan even at the site of vehicle stands or terminals.
President further said that in Chiniot city, excess of traffic force is not needed, because from Chiniot to Pindi Bhattian, Bhawana, Lallian, Jhang Mor need no traffic police there. Bypass for traffic means to make the traffic flow easy and smooth, but we are challaned at Bypass why? President added. There is some certain need of Traffic police at Faisalabad and Sargodha road bypass only.

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