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Police cop involved in fake suicide attempt suspended, booked for abortive life bid

MIRPUR: Authorities have suspended a constable of Mirpur police for recently staging the drama of committing suicide through resorting to a bullet injuries on his leg after, what he claimed, having been utterly sick and perplexed of the alleged injustice by the higher concerned, police said.
Unveiling the details of the episode, Additional Superintendent of Police Mirpur Mirza Zahid Hussain told media here today that the CoP Muhammad Waheed, who recently injured himself in an abortive suicide attempt by firing shot on his leg, belongs to Muzaffarabad district. He was transferred to Mirpur district in 2007. He stayed posted at police station Dadayal for the last seven years.
The Additional SP continued that Cop Waheed got married with Asia Bibi, a resident of Gujrat during his posting at Dadyal. He have two daughters from her wife Asia. The police man allegedly established unlawful links with the criminals including drug traffickers, gamblers and the smugglers of timber during his service in Dadyal.
Mirza Zahid Hussain said that on receiving complaints against the aforesaid Constable, authorities transferred him from Police Station Dadayal to police station Thothal in Mirpur. At the same time, further investigations were started into the alleged involved of the CoP in the unlawful activities with the criminals. The Additional SP said that at the same time the accused Constable Waheed got approached to the higher authorities with several unlawful recommendations (safarish) to get himself transferred back to Dadayal police station, but his all said attempts for transfer remained in vain.
The Additional SP Mirza Zahid Hussain said that he also held a probe in to the complaints lodged by the wife Asia of the CoP for his alleged illicit relations with various women of bad character belonging to various parts of Punjab. He said that departmental inquiry was in progress against the police constable for indulging in corruption and establishing links with the crimes mafia.
The Additional SP said that the CoP Waheed staged the drama of suicide through shooting his leg with his weapon on April 5 mere to skip of the punishment he was waiting as a result of the severe probe into his repeated unlawful activities.
Mirza Zahid said that Police have booked the CoP Waheed for abortive attempt on his life under section 325 APC – after he was suspended from service. A departmental inquiry has also been started against the accused police man, the Additional SP said.
“It is the duty of police to net the criminals and not to establish links with the mafia for the vested monetary gains”, the Inquiry Officer said adding that the accused would be brought to justice through the ongoing stringent probe.

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