Modi must act as statesman, resolve Kashmir dispute: APHC

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Srinagar: In occupied Kashmir, the All Parties Hurriyet Conference has urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act as a statesman and resolve the Kashmir dispute in its historical perspective instead of taking cosmetic measures like construction of roads and tunnels in the disputed territory.

An APHC spokesman in a statement in Srinagar commenting on the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to occupied Kashmir and inauguration of the Chenani-Nashri tunnel in Udhampur said, “Kashmir issue is a serious and a sensitive political issue and as such, extraordinary and exemplary courage is needed to resolve it.”

He said, “Construction of roads or inauguration of tunnels is of lesser importance as compared to accepting hard realities on the Kashmir issue.” He termed the last day’s shutdown as a message to the Indian rulers that Kashmir issue could not be solved or shelved through cosmetic measures.

“Narendra Modi should take brave steps and act as a statesman. This will pave the way for overall development in India and peace in South Asia,” the spokesman said, adding “World has changed into a global village and improving connectivity through roads and tunnels is a good idea, but these no more serve any purpose to political and human issues.”

Referring to Chenani-Nashri tunnel, the APHC said, “Taking into consideration the yearning for freedom and our struggle for the last 70 years, all these exercises will prove futile to change the course we have been pursuing for long.”

Responding to the present young generation and their aspirations, the spokesman said, “Right to self-determination granted to people in East Timor, South Sudan and Scotland has rejuvenated and infused sprits for pursuing right of freedom in Jammu and Kashmir. People and youth are very serious about right to self-determination.”

“Modi has two options, either to follow his predecessors with folded eyes or as statesman make history by taking bold steps. There is nothing extraordinary in opening roads, anybody can throw open these tracks and tunnels, but realizing realities and using wisdom for resolution needs extraordinary willpower and determination,” the spokesman said.

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