Dr Asim Hussain released from prison after 19 months

KARACHI: Former Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain was released from prison after 19 months on Friday. The Sindh High Court had issued orders for Dr Asim’s release after he furnished his passports that were being held by the Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) in connection with another case.

After the court ordered his release, Hussain was shifted from the Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Complex to the Zaiuddin Hospital.

Earlier, Dr Asim Hussain’s legal team had moved the high court to amend the requirements for furnishing bail, however, on Thursday the court had rejected the application. When the ATC returned the passports being held in a case regarding aiding treatment for criminals, the accused was able to furnish them before the high court and secure bail.

Along with his passports, Dr Asim has secured bail after submitting surety bonds to the value of Rs 5,000,000.

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