AJK government to provide Rs 100 million subsidy on wheat flour: PM

Muzaffarabad: (Parliament Times) The prime minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider announced Rs. 100 million subsidies on wheat flour in AJK and said that it would be further raised to Rs.400 to 500 million by next fiscal year.
Speaking at news conference here on Thursday he said that process has been completed to establish Food Authority in the state.
The Prime Minister said the suggestions have been presented to federal government regarding the amendment in the Interim Constitution Act, 1974. He said all political parties would be taken into confidence before finalizing the constitutional amendments. AJK Prime Minister said that the government has evolved a comprehensive strategy to provide basic necessities of life to masses at their door steps. He said transparency in Prime Minister’s Community Infrastructure Development Program is being properly ensured.
He said the developmental budget for next fiscal year will be increased .He thanked the Chairman Jammu Kashmir Council for appointing permanent Chief Justice of Azad Jammu and Kashmir High Court. He said that the prime minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif will inaugurate the Neelum Jehlum Hydro power project by February 2018 while Pitreend Power Project will start production in April 2018 which is a good news for people of Pakistan.
He said , for the amendments in interim Act of 1974 we have submitted our proposals to the federal committee formed for the purpose.We informed the federal committee that present interim Act did not fulfil our requirements,he said.He applauded the positive role played by opposition leaders Ch Abdul Majeed,Abdul Majeed Malik,Barrister Sultan Mehmood Ch,Ch Latif Akbar,Sardar Khalid Ibrahim and Pir Atteq ur Rehman Faizpuri for giving positive input on the matter constitutional reforms.
He invited the media to monitor the transparency of the Community Infrastructure Development Program and file report in case of any complain, government will take action.He said,to provide basic facilities to the public is a obligation of the government.
He advised the opposition to restrain from issuing negative statements on Gilgit Baltistan province Issue as the people of Gilgit Biltastan assume a negative impression from our statements and they consider us as we are the hurdles in their way of getting rights from the federal government. He hoped that the federal government would not overlook the importance of United Nations resolutions on Kashmir while settling the constitutional issues of Gilgit Baltastan. He said that he would pay visit to Gilgit Baltastan soon to remove misperceptions of the people of GB about Azad Kashmir.
He condemned the Indian atrocities committed by occupation forces in Occupied Kashmir. He said that he brought the Indian atrocities into the notice of OIC commission on human rights as well. The Prime Minister demanded government of Pakistan to take up the incident of killing of innocent civilians in Srinagar a few days back in United Nations Security Council.

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