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Electricity load shedding

Asim Munir
It is a bitter fact that the people have been facing electricity load shedding of varying durations for the last about four decades. All previous civil and military governments have been taking no concrete measures to rid the people of this lingering suffering though they have been talking quite loudly of doing this and that every now and now.
In all fairness, on coming into power the present government also promised to rid the country of this lingering menace of electricity load shedding before its schedule tenure of five years ends in 2018. In furtherance of this promise, the federal government has been taking concrete measures indeed for establishing hydro power, hydel power, coal and solar power based plants in different parts of the country. Duration of the power outages has been reducing gradually bringing relief to the people accordingly.
It is good to note that no less a person than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has quite assuringly and categorically stated while addressing a public meeting in Hyderabad the other day that electricity load shedding will be eliminated completely from the country by next year as new Pakistan is in the process of making.
Though he did not mention as such but on ground as many as 19 power projects are at various stages of their completion in different parts of the country and these are expected to become functional one after the other by end of 2017 and before 2018 rolls out in the annals of history with good news for the people electricity load shedding is no more.

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