Kashmir Global Council vows to work for independence of Kashmir

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Los Angeles: The New York based political advocacy group Kashmir Global Council after some of its board members met in the city of Los Angeles has vowed to support the popular aspiration of Kashmiri people for restoration of the status of Kashmir as a sovereign country as it existed before the partition of Indian subcontinent.
Explaining the formation , aims and objects, the Chief Spokesperson of Kashmir Global Council, Dr. Humaira Gowher who is also an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry at Purdue University in United States said that this Political Advocacy Group has come to existence after eight months of demanding discourse between Kashmiri diaspora with different school of thoughts and point of views. They all eventually came to agreement to pursue with the vision to establish a free, Independent, peaceful, just and a prosperous Kashmir while pursuing with a mission of advocating for the fundamental right of self-determination and freedom for the people of Kashmir based on the internationally accepted democratic principles and universal values.
Dr. Gowher further said that diaspora community from North America met in Niagara Falls on August 13th, 2016 that set the vision and mission for the political advocacy while different tasks were assigned to different groups to formulate the standards of functionality of the organisation. Later on September 25tth 2016 in New York meeting the mission and vision was adopted and subsequently the organisation was registered in the State of New York keeping in view the vicinity of United Nation and their representative missions resident in New York City.
It was unanimously agreed by the incorporating directors that Farooq Siddiqi will head the organisation as President while Mufti Showkat Farooqi will be Vice president and Altaf Qadri will function as Secretary, said the Chief Spokesperson.
The statement said that there will be Chapters and Chapter heads globally in various cities where ever Kashmiris have settled who will work to raise the international profile of Kashmir by campaigns, seminars and conferences. It will plan to educate and inform the opinion makers, governments and appropriate institutions of potential threat to security of South Asia and the region in the absence of resolution of Kashmir.
This organisation, the statement added will provide Kashmiris a common platform for raising the Kashmir issue and highlighting the Human Right abuses globally and provide opportunity to be part of global Kashmir community through memberships that will generate a unified voice and political stand and will resonate in unison, irrespective of color creed, gender, ethnic, linguistic or religious background.

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