BLOG: Hamza Abbasi tries and fails to defend PTI chairman’s ‘Phateechar’ comment


In an attempt to stave off the storm that continues to gather strength over Imran Khan’s “phateechar” comment, actor, television host and a one time permanent fixture at PTI rallies Hamza Ali Abbasi took to social media to defend the PTI chairman, and failed.

In a ten minute video posted on Youtube and Facebook on Wednesday, Hamza lashed out at Pakistanis in general for making a mountain out of a mole hill.

“Have all other issues ended?” he asked.

He argued that Imran Khan was speaking in a private setting – with journalists — when he made the comment.

It seems Abbasi needs a schooling; any meeting with journalists is not private, unless it is a one on one off the record encounter.

“Have you never used a slang word in a private setting with friends or family?”

To add weight to his argument and to paint his tirade as that of a neutral Pakistani citizen, Hamza highlighted that he holds no office within the party and isn’t a relative of Imran Khan either — the neutral unbiased image, is another thing we have difficulty digesting, considering Abbasi was often on top of the stage at PTI rallies.

Defending the PTI chairman, Abbasi reminds the many great things Imran has given Pakistan, the World Cup, Shaukat Khanum Hospital and how he is the epitome of Mr Clean.

Sadly, Hamza (and Khan Sahib) every mistake one makes cannot be wiped clean because of a cricket match played by 11 players 25 years ago, the players that were insulted were our guests.

We are a hospitable nation and Sir you have disgraced us… stop finding excuses and apologise.

Ovais Jafar is a Multimedia Journalist and currently working as Editor Multimedia Geo News. He tweets as @ovaisjafar


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