Recent attacks linked to terrorists in Afghanistan, Pak ambassador tells Afghan FO

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghanistan Syed Abrar Hussain, summoned by the Afghan foreign office on Friday over Pakistani military’s cross-border strikes targeting terrorists, informed the office that all of the recent attacks in Pakistan were found to have been coordinated by terrorists based in Afghanistan.According to sources from the embassy, the Afghan foreign office claimed in the meeting that Pakistan was carrying out shelling across the Pak-Afghan border.The Afghan foreign office further claimed that some Afghan soldiers had also been killed in these strikes.Ambassador Abrar Hussain, in response, informed the Afghan foreign office that Pakistan had witnessed eight blasts in the past five days. All of these attacks were traced back to terrorist elements based on Afghan soil, the ambassador told the foreign office.Pakistani military sources said on Friday that the military had targeted terrorists based across the Pak-Afghan border, hours after Afghan embassy officials were summoned to the Pakistan Army’s General Headquarters in Rawalpindi, where they were handed over a list of 76 terrorists orchestrating terrorist activities in Pakistan from Afghan soil.Informed sources told Geo News on Friday that the army targeted Jamaat-ul-Ahrar sanctuaries across the border of Khyber and Mohmand tribal agencies.The camps were situated on the Afghan side of the porous border.The army targeted four terrorist camps in the strikes, besides destroying a training compound of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, sources added.There have been reports that several militants, including the deputy commander of Jamaat-ul-Ahrar Adil Bacha, were killed in the strikes.

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