Debate on Kashmir in British Parliament big diplomatic success: Masood


Islamabad: AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said debate in British House of Commons on Kashmir issue and the demand made by British Parliamentarians for resolving this issue according to the aspirations of Kashmiri people is a big diplomatic success.
Talking to a delegation of Self-Determination Movement led by Raja Najabat Husain in Islamabad on Saturday, he said debate on the Kashmir issue at the UK Parliament also reflected that India is increasingly facing isolation on Kashmir issue.
The delegation was comprised of Fajar Rabia, Rahat Farooq Advocate, Sumera Quashi, Shahida Nargas Minhas, Farahat Noor, Asif Noor, Syed Madasar, Sajjad Zaheer, Dr Irshad Sajjad, Murtaza Durani, Umair Razaq, Ch.Rashid, Raja Khurram, Gulshan Minhas, Asia Anwar, Nusrat Durani and Abdul Hameed Loan. The President said Muslims are being killed in Palestine, Myanmar and Kashmir on the basis of their faith. The conscientious people of the world who believe in freedom of religion should take serious cognizance of these brutalities.
The president said that Indian civil society should come forward and raised its voice against the genocide of Kashmiris in the held territory and added that Kashmiris are not alone in their struggle as their voices are now resonating in important power corridors from London to Brussels.
He said that it is matter of great satisfaction that European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee summoned Indian Ambassador in Brussels and questioned him about the situation in Kashmir. The European Parliament, President said has also linked agreement of bilateral free trade with India with immediate cessation of human right violation in Kashmir. Similarly Turkish President during his visit to Pakistan supported Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir in categorical terms.
AJK President reiterated his view that Kashmir issue cannot be resolved through bilateral talk with India and emphasized that we will have to take the issue in United Nation Security Council, its human rights council, European Parliament , American Congress, British Parliament and all others available world forums. The president said that an economically strong, politically stable and ideologically enlightened Pakistan is guarantee to the success of Kashmir movement. The delegation of Jammu Kashmir Right to Self Determination Movement told the president that Kashmir Conferences and seminar would be held in higher education institutions of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.


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