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CPEC: A corridor of certainty

Dr Muhammad Khan
EVER since Pakistan and China signed this gigantic project in 2014, there has been unprecedented developments and impetus towards completion of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The first and foremost aspect, which has been raised by various quarters, is the security of the CPEC. For this purpose, a special force of a division plus size was raised under a Major General.This security division is fully functional now with a force of 13000 men and officers. They are the best trained troops having been trained on the lines of SSG and counter terrorism. These men have already assumed their duties in those areas, where developmental work is going on the CPEC. Furthermore, with respect to security, there has been no incident of the breach of security, in last two and half years, ever since this project started. Therefore, the aspects related to security of CPEC, raised by various quarters are factually incorrect and prejudiced. In this regard, an article entitled, ‘Corridor of Uncertainty’ written by a Pakistani writer has been published by Indian Express. The article has raised many issues, related to CPEC and the writer tried to prove that, CPEC is unlikely to be implemented. The assessments made in the article are based on prejudices and with disparaging intentions.Pakistani offer to India to join the project as expressed by General Amir Riaz, few months ago was based on a spirit of regionalism, where each country should accrue the benefits of CPEC, rather opposing it. In fact, CPEC a project of regional and global economic and cultural linkage, rather be seen as bilateral project only. This Pakistani offer should have been viewed positively as a win-win situation. Asking India to shed the opposition of CPEC by stopping the promotion of terrorism and militancy inside Pakistan is a logical demand.Anyhow, CPEC does not ‘endanger Indian security’. However, Indian spying network, RAW does endanger security of Pakistan and CPEC. Besides, the Indian claim that it is passing through its territory is a strategy of polluting the world. Kashmir is not part of post-colonial India, rather it enjoyed an autonomous status (class A Princely State), during the British rule in India. Then, the people of Gilgit-Baltistan do have a right to grow economically and remain connected to rest of the world, besides all parts of their country. What to talk of claiming this part of Kashmir, India has not been able to convince the people of Indian occupied Kashmir to stay under its rule/constitution in last seven decades.Pakistan is desirous of inviting all the regional countries to play a constructive role and be beneficiary of the CPEC. In this connection, Afghanistan and Iran are two significant countries, where both Pakistan and China would like them to be part of this project. Indeed, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan should have consensus on all issues and must form policies whereby they supplement and compliment the policies of each other. CPEC is a project of immense economic potentials for all provinces of Pakistan. With its completion, there will be major economic activity all over the Pakistan, Western China and adjacent countries. Each province of Pakistan will get one major project and many smaller projects. The politicians and scholars of Pakistan must promote the Pakistani interests and CPEC, rather carried away by Indian propaganda. The project will benefit all parts of Pakistan equally. There will be enhanced opportunities of employment and economic activities. The need of the hour is that, media and scholars must create awareness among the masses about the positive aspects of the CPEC and reject the Indian propaganda.

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