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Canada mosque shooting

The National Assembly passed a unanimous resolution condemning the terrorist attack on Islamic Cultural Centre in Cubic city of Canada targeting innocent Muslims resulting in loss of six precious lives and injuring others.The resolution expressed solidarity with the government and people of Canada and appreciated the Canadian Prime Minister for condemning the incident and reaffirming the government’s resolve to provide protection to the Muslims in the country.In the aftermath of the Quebec City mosque shooting in which six Muslims died and two were injured, Canadians showed solidarity with the Muslim community by holding vigils across Canada.The Quebec City mosque incident on Monday may have highlighted the hate a handful of extremists may harbour against Muslims but Canadians were adamant at proving that the majority did not. Vigils were held across various cities in the country to show solidarity with the Muslim community and to honour those who had died in the mosque on that day.Holding signs of ‘Praise, Salam’ and ‘Humanity is all we need’, determined protesters took to the streets in their own cities across Canada with the placards in a bid to show their support for the Muslim community who was struck with grief when the attack took place.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also denounced the incident in a speech at a vigil which was held at Quebec City.Even the Eiffel Tower in Paris went dark to show solidarity with Muslim victims of the shooting in Canada.A Canadian political science student known to have nationalist sympathies was charged Monday with six counts of murder over a shooting spree at a Quebec mosque – one of the worst attacks ever to target Muslims in a western country. The shooting came as Canada vowed to open its arms to Muslim refugees after Trump´s controversial immigration ban prompted travel chaos and outrage around the world. The United Nations´ Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Wednesday that US President Donald Trump´s travel restrictions on seven countries and freeze on refugee resettlement should be lifted sooner than later.In a clear response to the Trump administration’s refugee ban António Guterres said, that border policies based on religion, ethnicity or race were against the fundamental principles and values on which our societies are based. Guterres does not mention the US or Donald Trump in his written statement but he directly addresses the political, legal and moral debate triggered by the president’s executive order suspending entry for refugees and other visitors from a list of seven predominantly Muslim countries. Guterres, who was formerly the UN high commissioner for refugees, also had implicit criticism for other western countries that have increasingly closed their doors to the vast numbers of refugees seeking safe haven around the world, and compared them unfavourably to poorer countries who host the overwhelming bulk of them. Terrorist attack on Islamic center in Canada is being condemned all over the world. Terrorism has become global phenomenon and also become common threats to all countries. Global and sincere efforts are required to eliminate this menace to make the world peaceful. At Global level, dual standards should be avoided and vested interests should not be given priority in order to defeat this global threat.

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