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People appreciate government for providing flour on subsidized rates

Abbaspur: (Parliament Times) The people living along the Line of Control (LoC) in Abbaspur sector has highly appreciated the administration and member of Legislative Assembly Chaudhry Yasin Gulshan for ensuring availability of flour on subsidized rates in the areas affected by Indian shelling.

In joint statement president Abbas Traders Association Sheikh Muhammad Nazir, Sardar Sheraz Khan, Sheikh Talib Hussain, and others expressed their profound gratitude to the government for providing flour on half price in the areas located along the Line of Control. They expressed their hop that government will take more steps for the welfare of the people who are facing Indian aggregation with courage and determination. They demanded that similar relief should be provided to the residents of Polus , Kakuta, Abbaspur, Chattara, Tengran,Chafar and others areas of the sector. Meanwhile people from Union Council Khali Draman demanded from Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan, Minister for Health Dr, Najeeb Naqi and District Health Office Punch to provide medical officers and lady doctor for basic health unit Khali Daraman. In a statement the people of the area through Sardar Muhammad Latif, Haij Muhammad Irshad and Sarfaraz Sudozi demanded that basic health unit is without doctors and others related staff for long time due to which thousands of the people of the area are facing severe difficulties.

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