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Kashmir pellet victims launch their own association

Srinagar: The victims of pellet guns in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have expressed their profound gratitude to those who help them medically and financially and hoped the help will continue till complete rehabilitation of the victims. Kashmir pellet victims launch its own association namely Jammu Kashmir Pellet Victims Association and will work for pellet/shelling/firing victims on humanitarian basis and as a non political. In a statement they on Saturday they said that if these pellets are being used for animals why it has been used against innocent Kashmiris especially against students, countless pellets have been fired over peaceful demonstrators and protesters, thousands pava and other smoke shelling have been fired over Kashmiris. Indian forces have never used these pellets or pava shells in any of Indian state  where people set fire on govt and public property and damaged property in thousand corers ,but a single pellet or shell had been fired over them, why double standard with Kashmir’s?
Our eyes have been snatched, our vision and world have been blinded by pellets, how we can we see our family and world our future plans have been put in darkness, eyes are precious for everybody. we appeal to world /national communities and civil societies to come forward and  use your good office to stop the use of these lethal weapons like pellet guns against peaceful Kashmiris.

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