Zafar demands liquor ban, urges religious leaders to protest on liquor sale


SRINAGAR: Senior Huriyat leader and Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement chairman, Zafar Akbar Bhat, in a statement called all people including, intellectuals and religious clerics to raise their voice against liquor trade. Tuesday, Zafar Akbar while lamenting state rulers for their double dealing, said that their claims for a welfare state are just mockery as they were never serious in their claims. They are promoting liquor trade in state ,said Zafar Akbar and ridiculed that its trade has added income to state exchequer .It has deteriorated  the social fabric and promoted waywardness among youth in Jammu and Kashmir, said Zafar Akbar and  added that free, fearless and uncontrolled  trade of liquor is a root cause for all evils  among youth and even multiplied crime graph in state .Urging people and religious clerics to resent the liquor issue ,Zafar Akbar said how liquor  trade can boost the economy of state when it is proved beyond doubt that its side effects are more dangerous and counterproductive for state and its people. Criticizing the state rulers for their lame excuse about liquor trade, Zafar Akbar said that as a Muslim majority state we have every right to oppose and demand prohibition for its sale. Zafar Akbar expressed his anguish and surprise that there are reports and evidences that  forces camps are supplying wine to youth and this has increased the graph of crimes in state, thus ruing the young generation. In a fresh incident at Ganderbal on Sunday a liquor drinker has killed his innocent 10 year baby daughter and shame for administration who are promoting liquor trade in Kashmir.


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