Daesh strongholds targeted in Syria

Syria: Daesh strongholds on the border with Turkey near al Bab are being targeted by Russian and Turkish forces. Several weapons depot of Daesh have also been destroyed.

Turkey has been supporting the Free Syrian Army to drive Daesh out of the border area.

The Agency has been on the ground covering the situation in Syria. The ceasefire in the country appears under threat as attacks by government forces have intensified near Damascus with several rebel groups stating they would be suspending talks linked to peace negotiations.

The United Nations says at least four million people in Damascus have been without water since December 22.

Over 400,000 have already lost their lives due to the nearly five-year old war in Syria. Millions have been forced to take refuge in neighbouring countries including Turkey and Jordan.

The Assad government claims that the rebels have contaminated the water with hazardous chemicals and diesel, due to which the supply has been suspended.

The rebels say government forces have carried out intense shelling, resulting in the collapse of the water supply system in the Syrian capital.

According to domestic and international analysts the war has intensified with thousands of young people taking up arms either for the government or opposing rebel forces rather than enrolling in colleges.

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