New Indian Gimmickry in Kashmir


New Delhi in desperate attempts to perpetuate its illegal and illegitimate occupation of Kashmir has been using carrot and stick policy for last seventy years. The people of Jammu and Kashmir had never accepted Indian legitimacy over the state and have been demanding their right to decide their future since the day India landed its forces on the soil of Kashmir and occupied the territory with military might some 69 years ago. The liberation struggle of Kashmiri people witnesses different phases till 1990 when the youth took gun in their hands and started armed struggle against the Indian occupation and oppression. India on one hand tried to crush the resistance movement with brute might and on the other attempted to buy loyalties of Kashmiris by offering them economic benefits. Since 1990 different Indian government announced economic packages of billions of rupees for occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir, but Kashmiris refuse the offer with firm stance that they will accept nothing short of complete freedom from Indian subjugation. Then New Delhi offered lucrative job schemes for Kashmiri youths engaged in the armed struggle against Indian rule in Kashmir with conditions that those surrender before India army would not only be given amnesty but will get jobs or monitory help to start their businesses. This offer was also rejected by the Kashmiri youth.  After disappointment on these front, Indian government attempted to rehabilitate Kashmiri Pundits in special residential colonies in the urban areas of Kashmir instead of their ancestral places. The people of Kashmir strongly reacted over the move and forced the Indian authorities to shelf this plan.Now recently BJP government of Prime Minister Modi came out with a new plan to change the demography of the occupied Kashmir.  Under the plan India is encouraging non-state subjects to settle in Occupied Kashmir in an attempt to turn the Muslim majority in the region into a minority. The decision of the Indian government has sent a wave of anger and rage in the length and breadth of Kashmir, in AJK and Pakistan. Both Kashmiris and Pakistan rejected the move by BJP government and termed it as a deliberate attempt to alter the demographic makeup of Jammu and Kashmir by settling non-state subjects in the region to divide the population along ethnic, religious and communal lines. Kashmiris believe that Indian gimmickry under one pretext or the other will not work to pacify the people of Jammu and Kashmir and to force them accept its occupation of their land. It is in the best interest of India to grant Kashmiris their promised right to self determination without any delay.


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