Dr Asim Hussain advised heart surgery

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KARACHI: Dr Asim Hussain has been advised by doctors to use a pacemaker to improve his heartbeat.

National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease (NICVD) has suggested that it is not advisable to place a pacemaker at the institute.

In a report which expresses his lack of trust over his own institute, Prof. Nadeem Qamar said that it is risky to perform a pacemaker surgery in Karachi. A report declaring his decision was submitted in the court two days ago.

The report has been met with skepticism by health experts. NICVD is considered one of the best institutes for heart diseases in the country. Every year 3000 pacemaker surgeries are performed at the institute.

Dr Asim has been in custody for over a year for charges which include corruption and giving treatment to terrorists at his hospital.

In the last few weeks his health has deteriorated. He suffered a paralytic attack and has been in an out of the hospital several times.

Doctors have said that his heartbeat is showing abnormal behaviour, and therefore a pacemaker– a small device implanted under your skin to regulate heartbeat– is required. The surgery usually takes a few hours.

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