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Apologies to Aleppo

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Kiran Shakeel

A mass murder is taking place in Syria. The Syrian Army has taken control of Aleppo and they are killing anything that moves as they do door-to-door sweeps. The final death tally, if one is even formulated, will be staggering. As many as 100,000 will violently lose their lives if they are unable to escape the raids, chemical weapons, and falling bombs. I am sorry we failed Aleppo. Yet, sorry is not enough for how much we failed the Syrians, whose lives were and are devastated by this war. Sorry is so hollow of an apology in a world full of apathy. We all watched as Aleppo was torn to pieces but we did nothing. There is no humanity in the humans of this world. Aleppo has fallen. It is not a civil war; it is about people wanting freedom from a dictatorial government and a government that would rather see the country in ruins than give freedom to its people. The truth is the government hates its own people so much that it would allow Hezbollah from Lebanon and Iranian and Russian troops to bolster the government regime in order to crush, punish and destroy the native people. Add to that other outsiders who saw an opportunity in the beginning to creep into the country to take what they could amidst the chaos – rebels, fanatics and other governments. Anyone not on Basharal Assad’s side or in those rebel groups have faced genocide.

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