Three UCs of Abbaspur face acute paucity of water

Abbaspur: (Parliament times) The people of three Union Councils of Abbaspur are facing acute shortage of water as natural springs and underground water reservoirs have dried up due to long dry spell. The shortage of water compels women of the area to walk a long distance and fetch water for domestic use and for their domestic cattle. The people of the affected area demanded that government should take measures to overcome the serious scarcity of water and reduce the problems being faced by the residents of three Union Councils. They also demanded replacement of dilapidated pipelines so that these can be used for water supply in the area.

Meanwhile a meeting of the notables of the area chaired by Chaudhry Shafiq Jatt was held at Geelani House Khali Dramon expressed grave concern over the change of design and site of the Abbaspur Greater Water Supply Scheme by incumbent member of Assmbly of the area, Chaudhry Yaseen Gulshan. They said that under the revised scheme water Numjar Nullah would be supplied through the water supply scheme that deprived the large population of the area from right of Numjar Nullah Water. They demanded that water should be provided to greater water supply scheme from Takia Sheikh Water Source.



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