Revival of Pakistani Cinema


Ahmed Ali

Two years back, nobody was heard saying “Have you seen this Pakistani Movie?” or “Lets plan a movie night, this Pakistani movie has been released and the trailer looks appealing.”  These lines were never heard nor could anybody have thought that these statements would ever be used. Even if there was any hope left for the film industry of Pakistan it was fading as each year went by. But then this is how time changes.  The long forgotten Pakistani industry is now alive. The days of gujjars and gandaasas are now gone and they have been replaced by movies made on comedy, biopics, social issues and what not. Not just the content by movies has been altered but also the cast, the crew, the people who are making film the whole setup has been redefined of Pakistani movies. We now have younger blood in our movies, more educated and trained directors are making movies and new writers are coming up with beautiful scripts.  When all these factors worked together our Pakistani industry gave major blockbusters like Manto, JawaniPhirNai Ani, Janan, Mah e Meer, Na MaloomAfrad, Waar and so many more.The best part is that directors are making movie on various topics, these movies mentioned they are poles apart from each other which needs to be appreciated.The Pakistani movie industry which has just started beating again will it be able to sustain its efforts? This is a big question mark. Only time will tell if we are able to prolong these efforts or not but it is time that we support our content and our people.  On the part of our industry they shouldn’t get carried away with the money and fame they have started to acquire. It’s just a start and there is a long way to go. To maintain consistency effort needs to be maintained.  The path our film industry has taken now seems right but diversion may cause it to fall down again.