Hillary must learn from Imran


Muhammad Ali Baig

The recent U.S. Presidential campaign was the most viewed and debated battle in the history of presidential campaigns. Being the most viewed one; it also remains the most controversial one as well. Both candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had focused on personal and private matters instead of political and national or perhaps international concerns. Accusations were made from both sides but finally Trump has been pretty instrumental and adamant in making Hillary look bad. And as a consequence American people chose Trump to be their 45th President. Some political pundits and analysts predicted about Hillary’s victory but probably they were not able to gauge the wishes of Americans at large. It is obvious that it is quite difficult to assess and predict about the election results, since quite a many proved themselves wrong in the presidential elections between John Kerry and George W. Bush. Now that Hillary is defeated by a considerable margin and quite many of her supporters have started to protest against Trump by chanting the slogans “No More Trump”. But the million dollar question remains that what would she do after being defeated? Would Hillary Clinton become an Imran Khan of America and start agitation and politics of violence induced protests to create hurdles and ultimately calling for “corrupt” Trump Administration to resign. For that matter she must start charging Trump of conducting pre-poll rigging. In Hillary’s view perhaps 99.99% of Americans wanted to see her as their president and Trump along with his band of Republicans and thugs bought all the Judges, Governors, Senators and Members of House of Representatives by bribing or influencing them. On the basis of these foundations Hillary must attack Trump with an army of accusations and even blame him for American defeats in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. She will consider locking down Washington, New York and Los Angeles following the sunnah of Imran Khan. It is a huge misfortune and bad luck for Hillary that she does not have patriots and visionaries like Tahir-ul-Qadri, Sheikh Rasheed, Jahangir Tareen and Pervaiz Elahi. Since many believe that Imran Khan is flanked by these “angels”.
Hillary should consider importing Justin Trudeau (Canadian PM) to march alongside her from Canada, to follow another sunnah of Imran Khan who imports a Canadian citizen named as Tahir-ul-Qadri to march with him for reforms. Hillary and Imran have a lot in common, for example both have troubled matrimonial lives and this dilemma has freed them from the hectic life of a family person. Both are obsessed with the acquisition of power and possess a big mouth. Both begin to think after they have already spoken and sometimes this fiery talking behaviour leads them to say things entirely against their own will and agenda. The race to Washington in Hillary’s case, and Islamabad in Imran’s case, has clearly clouded the judgment of both leaders and have significantly caught in the “fog of war”. Both are worsening the political cultures of their respective countries as well.
The language or perhaps demands of Hillary and Imran can be translated as the will of common people at large in their respective countries and the credit must be given to both of these persons for at least speaking the common man’s language.
Their strategy is clear but the tactics of these two leaders are quite counter-productive. Imran is flanked by those men who do not have a single political thought as Imran does and in fact those men come from a culture of “leaning towards the rising political power”. Madam Hillary Clinton should watch and learn Imran Khan closely and perhaps she should order the construction of an “armoured container” for that she will be using to protest against Trump. She must begin to look for plans to lock down Washington and all the inter-state roads so that she can get the resignation of U.S. President Donald Trump. Hillary can also borrow Imran Khan from Pakistan, provided the rental money goes straight to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.