Minority community in Islamabad shows solidarity with Kashmiris in occupied valley


ISLAMABAD:(Parliament Times) Members of the minority community showed solidarity with Kashmiris in the occupied valley through a unique demonstration.

Minority leader J Salik threw fistfuls of sand at himself in a move to show that human rights violation in occupied Kashmir do not matter to India.

“Humanity in occupied Kashmir has been buried under the sand,” J Salik said. “We want to ignite the conscience of world leaders and the United Nations.”

Separatist leader Yasin Malik’s wife Mishal Malik also attended the protest. “While India punishes even the killing of a dog, Kashmiris are being beaten to pulp.”

She said that the Indian state staged a drama of releasing Yasin Malik. He was released for a brief period but arrested again on Friday.

She said that Kashmiris are not even being allowed to attend funerals of their martyrs.