Professor Butt’s autobiography ‘Beyond me’ released


Srinagar: In occupied Kashmir, senior Hurriyet leader, Professor Abdul Ghani Butt, has urged India and Pakistan to devise a mechanism for result-oriented talks to settle the Kashmir dispute. Professor Abdul Ghani Butt was speaking at a function held at his residence in Wazir Bagh area of Srinagar to release his autobiography “Beyond me”. During a well attended function, he said that the lingering Kashmir dispute had been the main cause of tension and instability in South Asia and had led to armed conflict between Pakistan and India in past causing enormous problems for the development of the region.He said that the Kashmiris remembered Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s promise of plebiscite which he made amid the roar of gun and noise of claims of democracy.
He said, the people of Kashmir are very sharp than many people around in region, have always maintained that if India and Pakistan leaderships move towards a meaningful dialogue to resolve Kashmir, they will support such a process. Professor Butt said that people of Kashmir had always been in favour of the resolution of Kashmir conflict by peaceful means and through a result-oriented dialogue. He said that by relegating the dispute to the backburner, the entire South Asia would get plunged into instability and insecurity, adding, that a small spark could stoke fires in the entire region. He maintained that by exhibiting political courage, both the countries could secure the bright future of the people living in South Asia. Besides intellectuals and journalists, several Hurriyet leaders and activists were present on the occasion.