Peace, Justice Forum concerns over fresh arrest spree in Kashmir


Muzaffarabad:(Parliament Times) Jammu Kashmir Peace and Justice Forum President Ad GN Shaheen expressed his deep concern over fresh arrest spree, illegal detentions, nocturnal raids and damage to civilian properties. He strongly condemned state administration for detaining government employees, especially EJAC leader Ab Qayoom Wani, Farooq Ahmad Trali and others and said that it is impermissible in a democratic order. He expressed his serious concern that till now 34 employees was arrested. Declaring it equivalent to state terrorism, Ad Shaheen said that neither paucity of time nor the state repression can change the nature and importance of Kashmir dispute. He in his statement expressed his deep sorrow over the termination of thirty-four employees and said that the arbitrary measures and highhandedness can’t break the will of people, who are fighting for peaceful resolution of Kashmir dispute and for restoration of civil and democratic rights.

While lamenting authorities for dismissing employees, Ad GN Shaheen said that termination orders are illegal, unconstitutional and are solely based to deter people who voice for the victims of state repression. This is a great violation of human rights and democratic values and invites attention and intervention of human rights organizations across the globe, said he. He urged state administration to release all those employees and civilians detained during recent people’s uprising