Reality use of chemical weapons in Darfur-I


Shahid Khan 

Sudan, both people and government, has not been surprised the false allegations circulated by Amnesty International in its report issued on the 29th of September 2016, in which it claimed that the Sudanese Army had used chemical weapons in the Jebel Marra area, from January to September 2016. The Amnesty International did not rely on any evidence but fake telephone statements in which it has claimed that they had been taken across the border from citizens in the Jebel Marra area, and fabricated maps and photos of the places and people.
It has not even been skilful in rigging them and that it is why it is a liar even to the average reader. These evidences did not even tolerate scientific and technical analysis of the images and maps as they were described in detail in Amnesty International report.
It is no strange for this organization which pretends neutrality and protection of human rights and in the meantime targets some states for well-known political reasons.
It is no coincidence that Amnesty International fabricates such lies and publish them in conjunction with the Darfur celebrations with the completion of the Darfur Transitional Authority in implementation to the application of the Doha Document for Peace. It also coincided with the conclusions of the comprehensive national dialogue process and adoption of its recommendations and the launching of a new stage in the history of Sudan. The Amnesty International has been adopting systematic hostile campaigns against Sudan and strongly supports the rebel movements in Darfur. There is UN Mission deployed in Darfur manned by 20,000 military personnel and civilians with special components and units specialized in protection of civilians and human rights and international humanitarian law. The Mission’s reports submitted to the Security Council during the period from January- September 23, the Amnesty International report date, which did not include any reference to a mere suspicion of the use of chemical weapons.
The Mission has clearly and without the likely of confusion or the need to interpretation has confirmed the extent of the malicious allegations that have been contained in the report, as stated in the testimony of the Head of Mission, Mr. Martin Oouhoumo Behe, during his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Ibrahim Ghandour, on 09/10/2016, and the statement issued by the head of the mission They refer in this context to the repeated international envoys visits to Darfur, including the visit of the US envoy Donald Booth to Darfur, which included Jebel Marra and specifically Nertiti area which was referred to by the report for the period July 26 to 27, 2016 and his field inspection of the situation following his visit to some IDPs camps and his meeting with the native administration leaders and mayors as well as with 11 women representing the leaders of the displaced people from the areas that were mentioned in the AI’s report (Khor Ramla, Kitinqa, Katrom and Bldonq), where the US envoy did not receive any allegations regarding the use of chemical weapons. However, the visit had come to the conclusion that there is a total stability of security and humanitarian situations.
Included in this report a detailed rebuttal to all the lies circulated by AI and how some of the pictures that appeared in their report had been cut from other search sites or videos back to earlier dates in other regions. It has been proven that some of the images, after scientific analysis, were just optical images and were not multispectral ones so that they can be used as an evidence or proof. Added to that, the source of all these images was a US commercial company with the name of Digital Globe, which is known for its hostility and campaigns against Sudan. It had previously published many fabricated satellite images against Sudan. As for the unreal witnesses, whom were mentioned by the AI’s report, the fabrication scenario was naive and ridiculous to the reader of the report, such as claiming that the witnesses saw a white cloud or columns of rising dust. Lying and fabrications have reached their peak as to the so-called two chemical weapon experts who made their statements without visiting the scene of the incidents!! AI’s report. In this context we also refer to whom the AI’s report called caregivers who delivered their testimonies such as Abdul-Jabbar Harba, one of the SLM-Nur Movement elements. Not only this, but that those whose names mentioned in the report were SLM-Nur members. It is known for the UNAMID, all UN agencies and humanitarian organizations in the region that following the recapturing of Jebel Marra and clearing it from the remnants of SLM-Nur elements, the Central Darfur Government wholly moved to Jebel Mara. The health system had also been enhanced, including the WHO- recognized monitoring and observing methods