Pitfalls in Muslim World-I


Osama Hashmi

Without fail, the Muslim world does have an enormous potential to rule over the whole world because the nature gave many rewards to the Muslim world. For instance, the Muslim population is the second largest population in the world that has the world’s largest oil reserves which are enough to make influence over the world’s economy. The Arabian Peninsula enjoys a significant strategic position in the whole world. The Strait of Harmuz has 60% of the world’s oil route. The Muslim states such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE have high economic growth rate. The Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) could definitely be proved a great potential organization for the Muslim world. The above mention qualities bring home to the factual statement that the Muslim world must have capability to enjoy leadership in the world but it is caused for grief that it lags behind in all spheres of life due to some unpleasant reasons. Today, the Muslim world is being faced internal wars and hatred in itself. Many Muslim countries such as Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Afghanistan have been continuously burning for the last many years due to civil wars. Unfortunately, the whole Muslim world is facing extremism as well as terrorism due to internal and external intrigues, difference in sects is one of the greatest problems in the Muslim world which divide Muslim Ummah into two main sects of Sunni and Shia. However, it is very necessary to eradicate all bones of contention to the stability of Muslim world. To figure out the problems and weaknesses is the first requirement to sort out the tensions of the Muslim world. There are vulnerabilities which are caused by the backwardness of the Muslim world. These vulnerabilities could be divided in economic and political instability, technological and educational backwardness, and cultural causes. Economically, there is lack of economic cooperation, cohesion and unity among the Muslim states. The economic interests are diversified in the Muslim states. Politically, there is no democracy but having monarchical forms of governments in Saudi Arabia, UAE and others. Educationally, there is not only lowest literacy rate, lack of scientific research and education but also there is inability to cope up with the changing global trends. Culturally, Islam perceived as a threat to moderation. The wave of terrorism is damaging the fabric of Muslims countries and Muslims perceived as terrorists. The Inefficiency of OIC and the annual meetings without practical resolution shave been continuously damaging the Muslim world for the last three decades. Due to current situation and implications of the above mentioned factors the Muslim Ummah caught up in a vicious cycle of terrorism, economic and political turmoil. The Muslim Ummah targeted by the west in the name of Islam and it does not have ability to resolve the core issues of Muslim world, like: Kosovo-Kashmir-Chechnya-Iraq-Afghanistan-Palestine. The Muslim world is facing economic and educational backwardness, Poverty, over population, high crime rate, low GDP and HDI in Muslim world, meagre contribution in world trade and least developed infrastructure (Sudan, Somalia, etc). Although the Muslim world is spending the worst time of the history but it could be possible to face challenges. There are some suggestions for the betterment of the Muslim world such as there must be developed economic cooperation with joint venture of Muslim world, the barriers of trade should be finished. There is a dire need to enhance exports and imports as well as it is a need of time to make use of oil reserves to the benefit of whole Muslim Ummah. Visa policies should be relaxed for human movement. The Muslim world needs to raise voices on international forums for conflict resolutions. The Kashmir dispute needs to be taken on the UN forums again and again. The efforts are required to get permanent seats in the UN Security Council for representation of the Muslim world. The Muslim countries should get united to stop west’s war against Islam. Muslim integration is one and only solution of Muslim problems. Muslim Monetary Funder Bank to be established. Fund collection for the poor Muslim countries is required to eradicate poverty. Muslim rehabilitation fund should be organized to cope with natural disasters (earthquake, floods, draughts, etc).

OIC needs to be a vibrant role in the Muslim world with positive changes in the structures of the organization.The pattern of “European Union” to be followed and “Muslim Union” to be formed.Bi-annual meetings should be held with persistent political will. Guidance and economic assistance of Saudi Arabia should be sought out to address all the issues of Muslim Ummah. Saudi Arabia and Iran have to come closer with ignoring sectarian differences so that the whole Muslim world could be united without sectarianism.



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