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Kashmir issue: Human dimension

M Amir Saleem

The latest wave of continuing violence and unrest in Kashmir is ascribed to the killing of militant commander- Burhan Wani who was denominated as militant and terrorist by the Indian Army, however, he was genuinely held in high esteem by the locals: considering him one of the healers of their wounds. If he was really a devil and a fiend, as depicted by Indian media, then, there would have been a dead silence all across Kashmir on his death. But, as a matter of fact, this is not the case presently. The heavy presence of Indian military itself negates the so-called claim of the India on Kashmir as “an integral part of it”. No logic defends this; the allegations of infiltration of Pakistani backed militancy only needs few dozens of Indian soldiers to have contend with it; the Line of Control violation could raise much hue and cry internationally, does not embolden any adventurism from the side of Pakistan at all; and a surge of terrorism all across globe, especially in Europe, never allows Pakistani strategists to entangle foolishly their own neck in this mess or quagmire. A loud bang of each gunshot is deafening the ears of protestors; unable them to hear India’s narrative, piercing pellets into eyes giving dead-eyes hundreds of eyes to stare at into the eyes of aggressor courageously and the dead body of the killed getting new robust bodies and souls every day to defy absolute authority of tyrant. The interference, provocation and instigation of Pakistan, as alleged by India, seem obscure here. Well, it is neck or nothing situation; no human can present his body to be mutilated or to be injured only on the basis of instigation and persuasion. No! Not at all! A passion, a goal or a mission should be there to instill the feeling of sacrifice; and no passion, goal or mission is greater than the feeling of freedom. The urge to resist the strongest and the cruelest emanates from inner, not from outer-side. So, how, with ease, a truly indigenous freedom movement is named as interference, instigation or misled movement! This is nowise understandable! A grief or sorrow of an individual, if it becomes a common grief of the entire community, can stir up a wide spread resentment and opposition among local population. Each individual living in the same community or society carries this grief as a burden on his or her soul- always ready to share it and react on it at all cost. The reaction and anger of people of Kashmir, or Palestine in the face of formidable forces is, thus, comprehensible.Swelling of grief or pain beyond one’s capacity shapes the thinking and action of one; helps forming large-scale movements and even the most precious thing, “the life”, loses its meaning and charm; and one can lay his life for freeing the whole community from the dark clouds of dejection, sorrow and pain, thereby, freedom fights, freedom movements or freedom fighters surface in occupied areas, such as, Kashmir or Palestine. No power, promise, privilege, perk or incentive can douse the fire of a burning soul riddled with agony, helplessness and gloom. The unconditional acceptance of the wish of community can only extinguish this rage and heal this pain. Otherwise, if not addressed, overtime, it becomes further radiant and keeps transferring from one generation to another. The same is going on in Kashmir or in Palestine. Alas! Indians are unable to understand and think wrongfully as their response is justifiable!To isolate Pakistan internationally, attempt to declare it a terrorist state, unprovoked firing on LOC (Line of Control) and threaten to launch surgical strikes, all will not assist India to change the thinking of Kashmiris and to hide Kashmir issue. All this will only postpone for evil hours or days. However, each act of aggression, torture and cruelty would be counterproductive and cannot suppress this movement for good. It will resurface whenever it finds space and opportunity. Therefore, the sensibility should prevail on side of Indians. The Indian establishment must realise the gravity of feelings of dwellers of Kashmir, rather than, pushing them to the wall.

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