Ministry of Interior-A Vital Role


Islamabad came out from a dangerousthreat of lockdown of capital city by PTI. Although, the threatened situation should not be developed because every constitutional demand of opposition must be fulfilled in democracy. Anyhow, there existed many characters that played their roles in that whole scenario. There was being seemed to develop a civil war between government and PTI workers. One of the woman protesters of PTI, tried to become a heroine after beating a police woman in uniform as well as giving threat to the government on behalf of daughter of a military officer. Later on, MNA Sheikh Resheed Ahmed strained every nerve to disturb national circumstances that proved nothing but storm in a tea cup. The Chief Minister of KPK Pervaiz Khan Khatak did a negative politics. In an emotional outburst, he egged on his followers on the basis of linguistic and racism. He not only gave rebellion statements but also threatened to become rebel. Over and above, he threatened to sing a song of somebody else in case of not fulfilling his demands. Due to this controversial statement, there burned a hot question that who is the second option for the Chief Minister of KPK? On the other hand, the Provincial Minister Ali Ameen Gandapor caught red handed with unnecessary weapon, tear gas and wine too. In addition, the Chairman of PPP demanded for the resignation of Interior Minister just because of the purpose to save his most corrupted party member who is accused in a huge corruption. This is definitely a big question mark against the sovereignty of Pakistan. Is it called ‘Democracy’? Doour so called leaders consider their nation fool and stupid? This non-serious and rubbish politics must be come to an end. There is nobody above law so everybody must be punished against doing illegal activities.
By all means, Ministry of Interior is responsible to maintain peace in homeland. Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan not only faced this scenario in a good way but also played a vital role to handle that critical situation. He never allowed to have government weapon against protesters. In honor of a police woman who got injure by a lady protester of PTI, he gave cash prize and honor sheet that shows superiority of law. He made a mind blowing amendment to increase allowances and age limit of retirement in favor of frontier constabulary that were really too short to live a handsome life. On the eve of success, he addressed an encouraging speech to police department that definitely gives a great message of responsibility. In fact, this encouragement must be promoted in all departments to have powerful and independent institutions. Undoubtedly, there existed some unavoidable diseases such as corruption, bribery, misbehaving with public. These weaknesses are needed to come to an end. However, it is hopefully that the Interior Minister must eradicate these diseases from the police department of Pakistan. It also becomes a responsibility of Interior Minister to disclose that who is the second option of Pervaiz Khatak, what is happened against him to do a traitorous act and what is happened with Gandapor in case of having illegal weapon and alcoholic drinks. The answers of these questions are required for the sake of maintaining law and order across the board in Pakistan. The nation of Pakistan needs to come to know about punishments of these serious crimes by powerful persons. However, there must be taken a quick action in this connection that’s why an example of equality could be developed in our beloved country.

Osama Hashmi



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