Jammu Martyrs Day to be observed today:AJK President, PM resolve to carry forward mission of martyrs relentlessly

Muzaffarabad: Kashmiris living in Azad, Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and world over will observe Jammu Martyrs’ Day on Sunday (today) to reaffirm their resolve to continue liberation struggle till achievement of their inalienable right to self-determination.
It was during the first week of November in 1947, when hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris were killed by the forces of Maharaja Hari Singh, Indian army and Hindu extremists in different parts of Jammu region, while they were migrating to Pakistan.
To mark the day, various events will be held in the territory, where speakers would reiterate the resolve of Kashmiris to pursue the martyrs’ mission till its logical conclusion. In their separate messages on the eve of the day, AJK President and Prime Minister said Kashmiris would spare no effort for the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir.
President Sardar Muhammad Masood Khan described the November as milestone in the history of Kashmir when thousands of Kashmiri Muslims laid down their lives for the love of Pakistan and liberation of their motherland from Indian clutches. The day, he said reminds us that we should never forget or overlook the goal for which Kashmiri Muslims offered their precious lives in 1947.
“We should renew our pledge on this day that the struggle for the freedom of will be continued relentlessly till occupied part of our motherland is liberated and acceded to Pakistan”, President said and added that massacre carried out on this day was not just a coincidence rather it was part of the deep rooted conspiracy to create hurdles for the newly liberated state of Pakistan.
Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan in his message said that entire Kashmiri nation on both sides of the Line of Control presents salute to martyrs of Jammu and resolves to keep the candle of freedom burning, which was lighten by the martyrs with their blood.
The Prime Minister said government and people in Azad Kashmir are part and parcel of freedom struggle and they are ready to offer any sacrifice for the struggle. He said that India is hell bent upon to blemish Islamic identity of the Kashmiri Muslims and change the demography of the occupied region.
He said that freedom continued since 1947 one way or the other has entered into a decisive phase after the martyrdom of legendary freedom fighter, Burhan Muzaffar Wani and time is not far off when it will crown with success. He assured the struggling people of Occupied territory to extend all possible support to them.