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BRICS summit & Kashmir Issue

The 8th BRICS Summit was held from 15 to 16 October in Taj Exotica Hotel in Benaulim, Goa, India. The heads of five countries Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa gathered to negotiate on different issues including trade and present scenario of the continent. The first trade fair following by the BRICS film festival was also held at Pragati Maidan Exibition ground. After the summit successfully ended a combined statement was issued.
The member strongly condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestation and stressed that there can be no justification what so ever. The final announcement focused on promoting “international norms that promote stability and inclusion in common spaces.” It suggested that with “Mega-regional trading agreements have significantly altered the discourse on cross border trade; the summit stressed the need for cooperation in critical matter relating to intellectual property rights and digital economy”.On the issue of militancy there was controversy, particularly in the light of aftermath of the 2016 Uri attack and the 2016 Kashmir unrest. India remained on its point while Modi (Prime Minister India) said that those who nurture, shelter, support and sponsor such forces of violence and terror as much a threat to us as the terrorist themselves.” But China and Russian did not support and budged in India’s stance over terrorism and Kashmir issue. Both the countries also rejected India’s bid for the membership in the nuclear suppliers Group and over UNSC veto. Especially china did not supported in India’s specific complaint against Pakistan during the GOA BRICS summit. As China Pakistan “all weather allies”, therefore China failed a campaign to isolate Pakistan. Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson had also said on October 17 that both India and Pakistan are “victims of terrorism”. He also said that Pakistan has made huge efforts and great sacrifices in fighting terrorism. I think the international community should respect this. We also oppose the linking of terrorism to any specific country and ethnicity. Irrespective of India’s cruel face for Kashmir, Indian prime minister is trying to portray Pakistan as a terrorist state that is helping and giving shelter to terrorism. But statistics are different. South Asia Terrorism Portal (A private and independent organization) says that during 2003-2016 periods, India lost 26,882 lives against Pakistani’s loss of 61,148 lives. The break up is 9,640 civilians , 4,249 security forces and 12,993 terrorists in India against 21,389 civilians , 6,564 security personnel and 33,195 terrorists in Pakistan.Even on international fronts, India says that Kashmir is an integral part of it. India justifies itself on whatever is happening in Kashmir by saying. “Sufficient judicial mechanisms are in place to investigate such allegations.” Providing the reason for erroneous activities by Indian army India is in the view that state has right to do anything to maintain peace in its specific territory, Human rights violations by the state are negligible. India has promoted its inflexible view, by denying UN resolutions regarding Kashmir issue. In Indian occupied Kashmir India has proved itself the cruel, brutal state can slaughter hundreds of people specially Muslims. In Indian occupied Kashmir curfew continues from over last three months and hundreds of unarmed youngsters men and women are brutally killed. Among Kashmiri’s even, Muslims are specially targeted. The freedom movement of Kashmir continues from past 70 years but presently India has crossed all the limits of cruelty. On Kashmir unrest India promoted her stance by saying that this is internal issue not an international issue and this issue is to be settled bilaterally or this is India’s internal dispute. Setting aside its activities of cross border firing, support of so called freedom movement in Baluchistan and brutality of Indian forces in Kashmir, India is trying to diverting the world attention especially from Kashmir issue. India has wrong stance on Kashmir issue and trying to isolate Pakistan from the world. Pakistan desires to be a friendly state with its neighboring countries but it does not mean that we can be sabbatical on the stance of moral support of innocent Kashmiri Muslims who are sacrificing their generations for freedom. India should follow UN resolutions regarding to Kashmir issue and this issue should be resolved according to the will of Kashmiris. International community should play a vital role to solve this issue.

Maemuna Sadaf

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