United we stand-II


Zarb e Azb is in the mopping up stage and all tacticians and strategists know that enemy can always sneak during mopping up stage, so, it will continue for some time.The British and American leadership and the media did not ask for commissions to probe every failure on part of their commanders.If you look at the list of reverses suffered by the allied commanders between 1939 and 1944, you may be amazed at the patience and perseverance of their governments and people.Churchill called this period of the Battle of Britain as ‘Their Finest Hour and the entire British nation stood like a rock behind their military.We should firmly believe that Pakistan defence forces and ISI are passing through their ‘Finest Hour (you may disagree), one wouldwould request all and sundry, including media critics, to read the SMS message from the soldiers and officers fighting on our frontlines and giving lives for this wonderful country. The changing strategic environment also demands vigilance, on one side a super power is thinking of exit strategy from Afghanistan on her own terms, on the other sided Kashmiris are up in arms against Indian Occupation and a frustrated Modi openly threatens Pakistan due to the fact that his moves against Pakistan are being frustrated by Pakistan Defence Forces. Pakistani Defence Forces have to not only maintain stability at present but also war-game and plan for any scenarios that may unfold in near future, especially attempts by India and India apologist cabal within Pakistan.
Pakistan army stands united under its leadership and will continue to blunt the Kinetic and Non Kinetic efforts to create chaos in its rank and file, irrespective of who is behind this sinister campaign, our sworn enemies from the foreign lands or their surrogates and fifth columnist sympathizers operating from Pakistani soil.

Waqar K Kauravi