6 Nov – Youm e Shuhada e Jammu


November 6, 1947 was the blackest day in the history of Jammu & Kashmir. It is also known as genocides in modern history. Over 200,000 Muslims were martyred when they were migrating to Pakistan. Thousands of thousands of Muslims were obligated to migrate to Pakistan. Although, Muslims faced bravely Hindus and Sikhs in some areas but in most areas the massacre of Muslims were one sided. The language has no words to state this crime of demolition of Humanity. This day is observed every year by people of Kashmir across the world. Seminars, conferences and rallies are arranged to pay tributes to martyrs of the Jammu massacre.
In the massacre of 6th November, the whole Muslim population of Muslim majority areas (Jammu, Kathua, Udhampur, Reasi and others) was eliminated. Their houses were burnt out. Women were abducted. Percentage of Muslim population was 80 percent in 1947. At the result of massacre, Muslims became minority. 123 villages of Jammu where Muslims were in majority were completely depopulated. 50 percent of Muslim population has been lost in Kathua district. Thousands of Gujars were killed in area Ramnagar. Village Raipur was burnt down.
Rising more, the State administration had demobilized a large number of Muslim soldiers which were on duty in the state army.
Muslim police officers had also been sent home. In the Jammu city, weapons of Muslim military were removed and the Jammu cantonment Muslim Brigadier was replaced with Hindu Dogra officer. Muslims seeking refuge in state departments like police stations and Deputy Commissioners’ offices were handed over to RSS.
Moreover, the targeted killing of Muslims and burning of their houses in Jammu villages had already started in Jammu from starting of October 1947. Dogra soldiers and rioters put to sword male refugees and abducted women. As well as, all refugees in Sardar Akram’s house were brutally killed. Meanwhile, Maharaja Patiala Yadavindra Singh sent further army reinforcement to Jammu which started attacks on Muslim majority areas. Indian Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, defense Minister Baldev Singh and Maharaja Patiala reached Jammu and machinated massacre of Muslims.
Government announced that Muslims, who want to go to Pakistan, reached Police Station in Jammu on 4th of Nov so that they would be sent to Pakistan. Muslims were loaded in 60 buses. When caravan reached near Mahwa a point near to Sanba, Dogra soldiers lied in ambush. Soldiers first snatched cash and valuable items from Muslims. Then they started massacre of Muslims. They butchered them like chickens.
Writing more, British daily The Times, London quoted the massacre in following words: “2,37,000 Muslims were systematically exterminated – unless they escaped to Pakistan along the border – by the forces of the Dogra State headed by the Maharaja in person and aided by Hindus and Sikhs. This happened in October 1947, five days before the Pathan invasion and nine days before the Maharaja’s accession to India.” As well as, Editor of Statesman Ian Stephen wrote in his book Horned Moon: “Till the end of autumn 1947, more than 2 lakh Muslims were murdered in one go.” Horace Alexander wrote in the Spectator (16 January 1948) that the killings had “the tacit consent of State authority” and put the figure at 2 lakh.
Concluding more, Muslims of Jammu had devoted their life, wealth, dignity, relatives and business in the name of Pakistan. They paid their duty. Now it’s our rulers’ responsibility to take priority Kashmir issue over trade with India. It is the only way to stable country’s defence.

M Rashid Tabassum