ISLAMABAD: Senior Pakistan People’s Party leader Khursheed Shah said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman was making things easier for the prime minister.

Speaking to journalists outside the parliament on Wednesday, Shah said once again the ball is in Nawaz Sharif’s court.

Criticizing the attitude of PTI leaders he said, “Workers were getting beaten up on the streets, while Imran Khan was sleeping at Bani Gala.”

He said that in politics a leader leads its workers, but in this case leaders stayed locked inside their rooms. He said that there was no need for Imran Khan to show off his 40 push-ups.

He said that the PTI worker was sick and tired of the party’s protest and sit-ins.

He added that PTI’s failure was not just a party failure but also a failure for Pakistan.

Shah said that his party had submitted their Terms of Reference in the parliament and demanded that the government accept their four-point agenda.


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