If Imran Khan orders we can shut Islamabad right now, but we won’t: Qureshi

Thousands of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) supporters, led by Imran Khan and aqurashiccompanied by other party leaders, have gathered at Parade Ground in the federalcapital to ‘celebrate victory’, following the Supreme Court hearing of Panamagate petitions.

PTI leader Shah MehmoodQureshi says the party “only wanted to shut the practice of corruption”.

“They said we were coming to close Islamabad, but we don’t want to do so since it is not our manner of doing politics,” says Qureshi.

“If Imran Khan orders, we can close the federal capital tonight, but we will not do so.”

Qureshi also pays tribute to the arrested workers of PTI.

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