Arrest me if you can: Sheikh Rasheed challenges authorities


RAWALPINDI: Awami Muslim league (AML) chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed arrived at Committee Chowk on a motorcycle as police and protestors clashed.

In a message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Rasheed said “Nawaz Sharif I said I would come, and I have arrived.” During his address, Rasheed challenged authorities to arrest him in they can.

The AML chief also demanded that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should present himself for accountability. Sheikh Rasheed claimed that 450 people had been arrested.

Rasheed told protestors that all roads leading to Lal Haveli had been blocked. After addressing protestors for approximatley ten minutes, the AML chief left again on a motorcycle.

“Today was a trailer, the film will be shown on November 2,” Rasheed said in a tweet after leaving Committee Chowk.

Protestors from the PTI and AML are clashing with police on Committee Chowk. According to reports protestors along with PTI MPA Aijaz Khan Jazi were arrested during the clashes.

Protestors on Committee Chowk are pelting police with stones. The police baton-charged and are using tear gas to disperse the protestors.

Roads leading to Lal Haveli blocked by containers

Containers have been placed on roads leading to Lal Haveli, the residence of AML chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed.

Rawalpindi’s administration has placed these containers to stop people from reaching Lal Haveli, where the AML chief was expected to hold a rally later on Friday.

Sheikh Rasheed was not present at the Lal Haveli at the time the containers were placed, and in the morning had a rich breakfast of lassi and paya.

The AML chief issued a challenge to the city’s administration, and laid his plan out. “We will tear section 144 into 144 pieces after Friday prayers in Raja Bazaar, Committee Chowk and Lal Haveli.”

Protestors, police clash on Committee Chowk