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Winter is coming: Forecasters predict extreme cold for UK

Forecasts predict Britain could witness the coldest snowiest winters this year raising fears of a similar crisis that was witnessed in 2010/2011 when heavy snow crippled transport networks and led to airport closures.

Experts predict the cold weather will set in at the start of November and the severe weather could last for four months with snow expected to set in during November.

The forecasts are attributed to change in air circulation around the North Pole which forced forecasters to reassess predictions for the coming winter.

Meanwhile the Local Government Association (LGA) according to local media reports have begun monitoring weather reports and have stockpiled grit to keep the roads open.

Councils are geared up to minimize disruptions and to protect residents when temperatures drop.

Bucks council leader Martin Tett said, “we are well prepared for the cold with salt stockpiled and a fleet of state-of-the-art gritters ready to be deployed.”

With temperatures expected to drop before the month is out, weather models predict Scotland is at risk of witnessing the first snowfalls soon.

The Met Office website stated: “At first, indications suggest northerly or north-westerly winds to predominate over the UK, leading to lower than average temperatures for many and a widespread risk of frosts.”

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