Oct 27 most unfortunate day in history of Kashmir: AJK President, PM



Muzaffarabad: The President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muhammad Masood Khan Prime Minister Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan and Information Minister Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas have said October 27 is the day when misfortune fell on people of Kashmir with the invasion of their land by India.

In their separate messages they said it was on this day 69 years ago in 1947 when Indian troops landed in Srinagar and forcibly occupied Jammu and Kashmir in total disregard to the partition plan of the Subcontinent and against the aspirations of people of Kashmir. The people of Kashmir on both sides of the LoC observe black day to express their abomination against illegal and illegitimate occupation their land by India.

They said that cardinal principal for the partition of India was that majority Muslim regions would become part of Pakistan and majority Hindu regions would form part of India. But a different formula was contrived for the princely states to benefit India, which was not acceptable to the people of Kashmir. Apart from Jawaharlal Nehru, other accomplices in this greatest human tragedy were Maharaja Hari Singh, Cyril Radcliff and head of the Boundary Commission. In blatant violation of the Partition Plan and against the popular will of Kashmiri Muslim, Maha Raja announced the accession of Jammu and Kashmir under a controversial Instrument of Accession.

The President said Kashmiris continue to suffer death and destruction as every day peaceful resolution is deferred, and international community is not at all moved by their plight. No western chancellery uttered a world of protest as the India set its trigger-happy soldiers upon unarmed demonstrators to clobber and pummel them, to kill and disable them methodically and systematically.

The Prime Minister said  the India’s illegal occupation of Kashmir is a dark chapter in the history of human rights. Denying the right of self-determination to the Kashmiris is morally unacceptable, economically unsustainable and politically inadmissible with regard to any scheme aimed at ensuring global and regional peace, stability and security. The repression, oppression and atrocities by Indian forces have turned Kashmir into a hell. However, these acts could not break the will of Kashmiris. The heroic struggle waged by the people of Kashmir is unparalleled in the history, as they are committed to continue their struggle till their objective is achieved.

Mushtaq Minhas said in case, India continues to baulk at resolving the Kashmir dispute, and does not reciprocate with Pakistan to reach a solution acceptable to India, Pakistan and the people of Kashmir, the only way out for Pakistan would be to invoke the UN Security Council resolutions.