PTI chief is a frustrated man, says Finance Minister Ishaq Dar


KARACHI: Intensifying the ongoing political friction, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar called the PTI chief, ‘a frustrated man’ and suggested him to stop being jealous from the government.

Pointing towards Imran Khan, while speaking at the Karachi Chamber of Commerce on Saturday, he said some people misuse the donation money and have no courage to present themselves for accountability.

Taking back-to-back shots at the opposition leader, he said: “those with containers can’t accept country`s progress as it makes them suffer from diarrhea because they know if Pakistan moves ahead, they have no chance in 2018.”

“For the sake of Pakistan, put aside your ambitions to enter the PM House, consider politics as service, you will see the result.”

He said that everyone is accountable in front of Allah, nation and institutions; and Pakistan Muslim League – N is not running away from it.

“The Prime Minister has presented himself in front of the institutions for accountability,” Dar said, however he also added that sticking with the past wont resolve country`s current woes.

Calling the PTI chief, “a frustrated man”, Dar further raised the ante by saying that the opposition party has not a chance to win elections even after 2023 elections due to their malicious intent.