PML-N, PTI brace for Panama leaks hearing


ISLAMABAD: As PML-N and PTI get into a showdown before theSupreme Court, legal minds of both the parties have started their preparation to plead Panama leaks issue before the apex court, which is taking up five different petitions on the issue tomorrow (Thursday).

PTI Chief Imran Khan is likely to come in the apex court tomorrow to witness the court’s proceedings on his petition, seeking disqualification of the prime minister and his family for their alleged involvement in the Panamagate scandal. A senior leader of the PTI confirmed to the newsmen that the party’s chairman will come in the apex court tomorrow (Thursday) to witness the proceedings.

The leader believed that Imran’s presence in the courtroom will have significant impact on the proceedings. “Party leaders think chairman [Imran] should attend all the hearings of the case as he did during the proceedings of inquiry commission, which probed rigging in the general elections,” he added.