AJK Radio celebrates its 56th anniversary


Muzaffarabad: The Azad Kashmir Radio Muzaffarabad is celebrating its 56thanniversary of inception today. The Radio was established on October 15 1960 in Muzaffarabad to highlight Kashmir cause and promote culture and development activities of the state. Radio Muzaffarabad Initially started its transmissions through a one-kilowatt shortwave (SW) transmitter until it was upgraded when a 10-kilowatt medium wave (MW) transmitter.

In 1983, a 150-KW High Power Transmitter (HPT) replaced the 10-KWMW transmitter to expand reception. However, the October 2005 earthquake badly damaged the buildings and equipment of Radio Muzaffarabad in its broadcasting house and the HPT Centre. The AKRM resumed its transmissions in the last week of October 2005 when a FM transmitter was installed.

It is pertinent to mention here that Azad Kashmir Radio Muzaffarabad after its inception played a vital role in highlighting Kashmir cause, promoting Kashmiri culture, languages and literature of the area. Despite limited resources, the station drew a great number of listeners on both sides of the Line of Control, putting out news, current affairs and other programmes in Kashmiri‚ Gojri, Pahari and Urdu languages during the 16 hours transmission.

The Radio Muzaffarabad is performing a great service for the people of the region by keeping its listeners updated through news bulletins and programmes. The station not only highlighted mega projects and the government’s policies for welfare, but is also an excellent source of information, entertainment and education for listeners on both sides of the LoC.