QIMS prepares students for needs of the country: Arbab wadood Promoting national, cohesion is prime objective of the college: Brigadier Aleem


Quetta: The Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (QIMS) is playing an important role to sharpen the talent of the students through the curriculum and extra- curriculum activities. This was stated by principal of the college Prof Dr Arbab Abdul Wadood at the conclusion of a study tour of the students of QIMS. He said that 84 students of the fourth year of the college recently went to the tour in different parts of Pakistan as a part of their studies besides enjoying the excursion and developing and understanding about the culture of other parts of the country.

The study tour, he said, was supervised by Lt Col(reted) Aziz Ur Rehman Kakar, Prof Dr Muhammad Khalji and other members of the faculty. The male and female students of the college visited pharmaceutical industries, Mess of the Baloch Regiment in Abbottabad, CMH and AMC College Rawalpindi, AFIRM, AFPGMI Rawalpindi, AFIC and AFID Rawalpindi. The students also enjoyed the pleasant weather of the Murree Hills during their study trip.

The principal of the college said that the purpose of the visit was to build the intellectual capacity of the students and make them familiar with the culture of the people living in others parts of the country. The trips like this are most important to create national unity and cohesion in the mind of the students. The commandant and vice principal of the college. Brigadier Muhammad Aleem said that QIMS is providing adequate educational facilities to the students of the far- flunged of the Baluchistan province to prepare them for the future needs of the country. He expressed his hope that the doctors being groomed in the QIMS will play a crucial role by serving the province and the country on completion of their medical education.